How to become a better software developer: podcasts

Those 30 minutes in the subway? The 2 hour drive to your parents? Driving home from work by bicycle? You can probably add at least one more activity to this list of things where something other than music in your ears could be a nice change. So why not do something that improves your knowledge as a software developer? I’m talking about podcasts.

Personally, I started to listen to podcasts on the way to work as a means to switch context from HOME to WORK. I had about 45 minutes to kill so I started looking for some podcasts that were somehow software engineering related. I didn’t want to listen to podcasts about languages, frameworks or libraries since those can be better learned by working hands-on with them. I wanted something more conceptual that including architecture, patterns, methods and approaches in software engineering as well as interviews. These work better in the podcast format.

In the following I have compiled a list of such podcasts:

I might of cours eadd more podcasts in the future.